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Benefits of Inversion Therapy Continued...

Reduce the Effects of Aging Caused by the Force of Gravity

Using a Teeter helps:

  • recover lost height due to thinning discs in the spine 
  • return organs that have settled in the midsection to their normal position -- and reduce inches from your midsection.


Height Maintenance

Most people will lose between 1/2" - 2" (1-5 cm) in height during their lifetime due to thinning discs. As a baby, your discs are 90% water. However, the water content in the discs decreases to 70% by age 70. An active inversion program can help maintain more of your original height.

Help Prevent Body-Shape Change

As the body ages, internal organs (kidneys, stomach, intestines) begin to prolapse as a result of the constant downward force of gravity. "Middle-age spread" (that spare-tire around the waste), apart from weight gain, is due to the relocation of internal organs. Digestion and waste elimination problems are also common symptoms of organs going south. A regular program of inversion may help ease the strain on prolapsed organs or even help them resume their normal shape and place in the body.


Maintain Flexibility

Nearly every physical activity involves compression of the spine. The compressive effect of gravity is compounded by activities such as walking, running, weightlifting, gardening, skiing, biking, and golf, all of which can exact an incredible toll on the spine, discs, and back muscles.

Skeletal mis-alignments can occur at even the slightest provocation. Most often these mis-alignments are nominal and will readily correct themselves given the opportunity. Inversion with movement (such as side-to-side bends, back arches, and a partial sit-up or two) provides that opportunity.

One-sided activities can be particularly troublesome for two reasons: The body will tend to over compensate for the strong-side muscle groups, pulling the spine out of alignment; and one-sided activities usually involve rotation of the spine, often under incredible loads. Examples of these activities are golf, water skiing, tennis, bowling, racquetball, and baseball. Inversion after physical activity may help to realign the spine and keep athletes performing at higher levels for longer periods of time.

Still other physical activities tend to create tension in the muscles due to a contraction of the major muscle groups for long periods of time. Housework, gardening, bicycling, and rollerblading are examples of activities which tend to create a great deal of lower back strain. Anyone who is faced with weekend chores, or enjoys an occasional bike ride can receive a tremendous boost from daily inversion therapy.


Strengthen Ligaments

Ligaments are the fibrous strips that hold your bones together. Ligaments are flexible but not very elastic, and can tear when they are stretched too much. Ligaments that are not moved regularly in the right way become stiff, inelastic, and more easily torn. Inversion can help strengthen your ligaments and may help prevent injury. The gentle reverse loading and movement that occurs while you invert strengthens ligaments and connective tissue, and helps to protect the athlete from serious injury.


Train Balance and Orientation

Inversion helps to develop balance awareness, which occurs when the upper regions of the inner ear are stimulated. Skydivers, gymnasts, springboard divers, and scuba divers find that inversion therapy fine-tunes the body and inner ear to the inverted world. Inversion therapy has also been used to normalize the ear canal as a treatment for motion sickness.


Improve Overall Fitness

A proper work-out includes elements of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching - combining to form the "triad of fitness".


Enhance Cartilage Nutrition and Joint Lubrication

Decompression aids in joint lubrication by altering the pressure and suction forces within the joint, helping to stimulate the synovial fluid that nourishes cartilage.


Improves Joint Flexibility and Range of Motion

The restored moisture in the soft tissue promotes the longevity of joint performance.


Improve Shock Absorption

Hydrated joints offer better cushioning.


Encourage Proper Posture and Body Symmetry

Using a Teeter encourages realignment of the spine, which helps correct posture.


Preventative Maintenance

Don't wait until you're in pain - inversion can be preventative!  To remain youthful, you take care of your skin and teeth, you work out for your heart and muscles... but what are you doing for your back and your joints? Like any other part of your body, proper maintenance can result in longer-lasting, more youthful function. Use the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table for a balanced, more flexible body now and see the payoff as you age.

It's no secret that we lose height as we age. Height loss is partially due to thinning discs in the spine and spinal curvature. Discs lose their nutrients and their cushion, causing a compressed spine and shorter stature. Inversion helps restore nutrients to the discs and decompress the spine, which can help return lost height to the skeleton. More importantly, rejuvenated joints provide better flexibility and shock absorption.


Build Core Strength

Strong abdominals, internal and external obliques, and lower back muscles are vital for proper support of the torso. Inverted crunches or sit-ups on the tables and back extensions on the DEX are a challenging way to develop and define the core muscles.

Most training activities designed to build core strength must be performed with great technical accuracy or they can injure the back. Inverted exercises can target every core muscle without adding risky, compressive loads to the spine.


Define Glutes

Inverted squats on the tables provide a unique leg workout, strengthening the hamstrings and quads while sculpting the glutes.


Workout Recovery

The process of building muscle occurs when muscle fibers are torn down and replaced with more and better cells. After a workout, thousands of destroyed cells need to be trucked away to make room for new growth. Inversion helps to increase lymph flow, which gets rid of the wastes more rapidly and allows the body to focus on building new muscle tissue.

Athletes prone to stiffness or muscle spasms after a workout can benefit from the lymphatic wash provided by inversion. Intense muscle activities cause a build up of large amounts of lactic acid and carbon dioxide, which results in sore muscles. The faster this waste is cleared, the faster the pain and stiffness disappear.

During a high-impact workout, your joints and especially discs will lose fluid, resulting in a temporary height loss of up to one-half to three-quarters of an inch! Inversion has been proven to increase intervertebral separation, which reduces the pressure on the discs and helps them to re-hydrate. Decompressed joints are able to recover faster for better shock absorption and reduced pain.


Relieve Varicose Veins

When inverting, you are helping your heart to clear the blood from your feet, legs, and lower body. This allows the blood in your limbs to circulate more easily, which may help to temporarily drain blood from varicose veins.

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