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FitSpine LX9 | FT1 | EP-970 Ltd. | EP-550 | EP-550 Sport | EP-560 | EP-560 Sport | EP-860 | EP-950 | EP-960 | Contour L5 Ltd.  

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The DFM | Power VI GL

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Ez-Up Inversion System | Ez-Up Rack | Ez-Up Gravity Boots | P3 Back Stretcher (Lynx)

Listen To What Our Clients Have To Say...

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #146:
“Joan and I purchased an Inversion Table and Treadmill on October 31, 2010. We have now had them in operation for over a year and we are very satisfied with both of them. At first I had misgivings about the Inversion Table, but over the year I have become very satisfied with it, as I have had no back spasms since. I do two minutes at a 45 degree angle and come up and relax for one minute and then I go back down for three minutes. I use it 5 days each week....We would both recommend these exercises and the equipment for senior citizens as a way of keeping up with their fitness level. My Cardiologist (who has me in for an annual check-up after my past heart surgery) says he is amazed that I’m as fit as I am at my age (late seventies.)" - Ellwood & Joan Irwin (Guelph, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #147:
“After a recent back injury I purchased the Teeter Power DFM Inversion Table for therapeutic use. I use the Inversion Table as frequently as possible. The daily use has taken pressure off my spine, resulting in immediate pain relief. Using the Thumper, on both my back and legs, in conjunction with the Inversion Table makes me feel like I am visiting the Chiropractor in my own home.” - Lorne Ireland (Arthur, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #141:
“We have a family of 5 active people, either with jobs that are very physical or their sports done for entertainment. We all use the Inversion Table to relieve the daily stress we place on our backs. It has been wonderful to be able to get that instant relief with the convenience of not having to leave our house or wait for an appointment. We are just not sure what we did without it. Thanks.” - Lynn Mantler (Drayton, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #139:

“Just wanted to share my experience with Legge Fitness. We purchased an Inversion Table and Thumper massager. We were very impressed with the staff who took the time to teach us how to use the products we purchased and to make sure we used them the right way. That was 10 years ago & they still are accessible to answer any questions we may have. And the products are still working as good as the day we bought them. I would recommend Legge Fitness Stores for all your fitness needs. They are very knowledgeable and helpful.”                               

- Michelle Mahoney (Guelph, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #137:
“Amazing Service and Customer Satisfaction. The Legge Family comes highly recommended by us. We purchased a Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table and are we ever happy we did. One of the many benefits we noticed in just a short time was mental clarity, stiffness reduction, and the ability to move quicker in our walking. This was noticed in only 2 days. WOW!! Thank you again to all the Legge Family.”
- John & Susan Saas (Gorrie, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #133:
“After years of struggling with back pain, and facing a winters worth of firewood to stack, I decided to try Inversion. I had been going to a Chiropractor on a regular basis but the results were usually only temporary. I purchased a Teeter Inversion Table from Legge Fitness Stores and can now say I am enjoying life without the pain. I used to wake up in the morning stiff and sore and I even needed a cane to get out of bed. That is all history now, thanks to the informative staff and to them matching my needs to their solutions.” - DJ Humphreys (Durham, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #132:
“Joe and I just wanted to thank you for your time and knowledge this Sunday in helping with the purchase of our Inversion Table and the professional Massager. We are looking forward to starting a regiment with Joe in hopes we have found a drug free answer to his knowing days without chronic back pain.
Thank you as well for sharing your knowledge of other helpful therapies we will be purchasing through your store in the near future. We will be sure to diary his progress with use of our new tool! It was nice to speak with someone clearly interested in someone’s well being than just a sale! With sincere thanks…”
- Rebecca & Joe Mommersteeg (Cambridge, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #128:
“I like the Inversion Table especially after work as I am on my feet all day. I get on the Table and the stress that I put on my body for the day goes away with the stretch the Table gives me. I feel good for the rest of the day. Thank you.” - Sue Glavin (Fergus, Ont.)

“Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #127:
“I received an Inversion Table in 2002 and at the time was 50 years old with chronic back problems and was going to the Chiropractor 2 or 3 times a month. I was also using pain killers and muscle relaxers from the doctor quite often just to be able to function from day to day. After using the Inversion Table as recommended by Legge Fitness Stores for a couple of weeks, I found my pain subsided and I was much better. My intake of drugs went down to almost no usage and the Chiropractor appointments dropped to once every couple of months just for maintenance. My wife and family also use the Inversion Table whenever deemed beneficial.
Since that time I have lent my Inversion Table to 7 different people with back problems and they have all gone out and bought their own Inversion Tables because of the benefits of the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table, and under a medical support person’s recommendation.”

- Vincent Gower (Harriston, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #126:
“My husband and I purchased an Inversion Table several years ago from Legge Fitness Stores and it is probably one of the best purchases we have ever made. Before we bought it my husband’s back pain was unbearable, and his doctor recommended trying an Inversion Table. Since we bought the Inversion Table we use it every day and my husband has had such relief on his back. I also use it after a hard day at work and the relief is unbelievable. Thanks so much.” - Sue Hannusch (Goderich, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #123:
“I play hockey about 5 times a week, but my back was getting so bad from being compressed. I was going to quit, because I could not take the pain anymore. My chiropractor told me he could not help me anymore, so I started researching on what I could do to get rid of my pain and came across the Inversion Tables. I made some calls and bought one from Legge Fitness Stores. After the second time hanging upside down I could hear my vertebrae popping and I had instant relief. Now I hang twice a day, morning and at night. For now I play hockey pain free. Thanks Legge Fitness Stores!” - Tom Drummond (Wheatley, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #121:
“We have enjoyed our Hang Ups Inversion Table for many years. Don has 2 degenerated discs in his lower back, and the specialist in London recommended an Inversion Table, as an operation at that time was out of the question. We were lucky to find Legge Fitness Stores. By using it twice daily it has reduced the pain tremendously. I also use it regularly and it has been very beneficial for my general health. We also purchased the Thumper Massager at the same time, and it has been great for tired, aching feet and circulation. We are so grateful for finding for Legge Fitness Stores and we are thankful for the wonderful service they have provided. Thanks again.”

- Don & Ruth Anna Cox (Oil City, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #118:
“I purchased the Teeter Hang Ups GL9500 Inversion Table from Legge Fitness Stores a few years ago and I just love it! I’m an active person, involved in running and skiing, and I find the Inversion Table very helpful before and after my fitness sessions. The stretch I feel when I invert leaves me feeling relaxed and energized. It’s great!” - Dr. David Bell (Owen Sound, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #117:
“Ewart and I have used our Inversion Table every day since the day we bought it approximately 5 years ago. It feels so good to have that total body stretch before starting your day and again at night before going to bed after sitting at a desk or just being on your feet all day. We sleep better and feel will rested in the morning. We have the Tempur-Pedic Pillows and find we sleep more comfortably at night since they form to your head properly unlike regular pillows. We have the Thumper as well for massaging the legs, feet, shoulder and arms. It gives you a relaxing massage for what may hurt after a workout of any kind. We feel we are greatly benefiting from these products and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to feel and sleep better every day. It’s wonderful having these products and the people at Legge Fitness Stores are very knowledgeable and helpful for whatever you may need for an overall feeling of wellness.”
- Ewart & Susan Bancroft (Listowel, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #116:
“I’ve been using the Inversion Table for a number of years and get relief from back pain and strain almost immediately. Because I use it on a regular basis (twice a day for about 10 min. each) I feel that my back is in better shape and my core is able to handle the strain and stress the back receives through a day. For added relief and relaxation I also use the Thumper massager. This item is a big hit in our house, everyone enjoys the multi-level intensity of the massager and the feeling and benefits it delivers.” - Hilrita Arts (Seaforth, Ont.)

Legge Fitness Stores Testimonial #114:
“I have been using an Inversion Table for over 13 years, and I cannot imagine my life without it. This product is a great value. I am on my feet 8-10 hours a day. As soon as I get home, I get on my Inversion Table and it just feels wonderful. I highly recommend the GL9500 Inversion Table to everyone because it reduces back pain and muscle tension, relieves stress and provides a lot of health benefits. Thank you.” - Yuri Mitlikin (Toronto, Ont.)

“This Inversion Table is money well spent. I had two bulging discs (L4 and L5) and I was bed ridden for 3 weeks. After 2 weeks of using the Inversion Table four times a day, I am able to walk without the aid of a walker and the pins and needles sensation is pretty much gone.
A customer of mine by the name of Ron, who also has a bad back, tried mine out and he quickly purchased one from you yesterday. I highly recommend your company and the GL9500 Professional Inversion Table.
The Professional Thumper Versa Pro Massager is also an asset to have and use. Cheers.” - Ed Orchard (St. Thomas, Ont.)

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